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Graduate Degree in Environmental and Earth Science

🇺🇸 University of Pennsylvania, USA (2020 - )

Benjamin Franklin Fellowship (2020-2021) Henry Carville Lewis Fellowship (2021-2022)

G.P.A 3.8

Interests: Geochemistry, Ore Deposits, Diamonds, Crustal and Mantelic Fluids, Phase Transformation, Trace Element Analyses, Mn-Ores, Diamonds, Optical Microscopy, Electron Microprobe Analysis / Scanning Electron Microscopy

Elective Subjects: Ordinary Differential Equations, Introduction to Material Sciences, Experimental Glaciology (999), Experimental Methods in Geophysics (999), Research Paper Writing, Mechanical Properties of Materials, Attenuation in Ice, with Applications to Terrestrial Sea Ice, Glaciers and Icy Extraplanetary Bodies (999)

Advisor: Dr. Reto Gieré (University of Pennsylvania) and Dr. Steve Shirey (Carnegie Institute of Science)

B.S. Geology and Earth Science

🇦🇷 Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina (2013 - 2020)

G.P.A 9.0 (~ 3.8)

Interests: Ore genesis, mineral exploration, geochemistry, petrology

Elective Subjects: Oil Geology, Mine Geology, Structural Control of Economic Deposits, Isotopes Geology, Applied Geology, Petrophysics, Chalcography

Advisors: Dra. Diana Irene Mutti and, Dra. Carolina Carmen Mendez. Ore Deposits and Economical Geology Department, UBA

Senior Thesis: Geologic, Geochemical and Structural Characterization of the Los Viscos Vein in the Farallón Negro Volcanic Complex, Catamarca, Argentina

Research Experience

Carnegie Institute of Science - Earth and Planets Laboratory

2022 – 2023, doctoral research

Geochemical Analyses Of Ferropericlase In Superdeep Diamonds From Juina, Brazil

Advisor = Dr. Steve Shirey